Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sex it up at the gym

If you are among the ones who pay an annual membership fee at the local gym, but visit it only a handful of times, this should motivate you. Being fit and healthy benefits all areas of your life – including sex.

Those cardio and weight-training sessions can add that much-needed (or aspired) zing between the sheets.

Improves testosterone levels
Research has shown that regular exercise, especially squats and lunges, boost the testosterone level in the body. Since the hormone plays a key role in one's libido and performance, a boost there equals great sex.

Makes you look attractive
A toned physique is undoubtedly the most potent turn-on for your partner. It makes you more desirable to your partner and starts the fire burning. It's been observed that those who maintain a toned physique have a better perception of themselves which leads to higher confidence levels and helps in a better sex life.

Improves stamina
A man who indulges in enough cardio-vascular exercises stands better chances of satisfying his partner. Regular cardio builds the body's overall stamina, which means you last longer in bed. Cardio requires withstanding the pressure for a longer duration with a sustained and justified distribution over the workout's time span. This conditioning of the body helps men last longer and preferably let the women achieve or*asm before them. This helps because while men reach climax only once during the lovemaking, a women can do so multiple times.

On the other hand, the women who indulge in weight-training achieve an or*asm much faster, as the aggression it induces makes patience take the back seat – which is why it is advisable for them.

Beats libido killers
Stress is one of the biggest reasons for a dissatisfactory bedroom experience as it leads to many problems, right from reduced stamina to simply not being in mood. Regular exercise is one of the biggest stress busters for most people and lower stress levels means a healthier and a far more exciting sex life.

Aphrodisiacs in your diet
A healthy and well-balanced diet is one of the most important aspects of achieving fitness. After you work-out, your body craves nutrition. For building muscle and repairing the damage, you need a diet high on zinc and proteins. Eat your way to a great sex life with a diet rich in asparagus, onions, garlic and bananas.

Matter of position
To experiment, keep that flab in check for the extra inches may restrict your urge to experiment in bed

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